Miho Wada–Exit 621 Album Launch Party

miho exit 621 album launch party


Yes, that’s right folks, Miho Wada has got a new CD out, and the launch party is next month.

Get yourselves (and your friends) down to Club 1885 Britomart @ 27 Galaway St, Auckland, on the Thursday the 9th of May 2013 (that’s this year folks) and have a fantastic time….. and also buy a copy of the new CD there.. and more Smile

Miho has just finished two jazz festivals with sold out attendances, so you really don’t want to miss this show.!!  (ps, jazz fest videos coming shortly).


Next show:

Every Tuesday at 2pm on Radio Ponsonby
MihoZilla Attack!

http://www.radioponsonby.co.nz/  <—Live Streaming.


Visit: www.mihowada.com
for more information, CD’s and Merch.


Miho Wada–Clock Hop




Performed by:

Miho Wada (flute & sax)
Pascal Roggen (violin)
James Donaldson (cello)
Andrew Rudolph (guitar)
Leo Corso (bass)
Jared Desvaux de Marigny (drums)

Visit: http://www.mihowada.com
for more information, CD’s and Merch.

All material copyright: Miho Wada
Video/Audio & other content used
by request from and with permission
of the content owner.

Not for stock or unlicensed use.

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