Miho Wada–Clock Hop–New Music Video Out Now!

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Clock Hop music video performed by Miho’s Jazz Orchestra.

A fun and spritely video encompassing Miho’s passion for entertainment and good music into a beautifully crafted Music Video Smile


Clock Hop music video performed by Miho’s Jazz Orchestra.

Filmed by Helen Millar at the Playhouse Theatre Cafe in Nelson and Yanni Migias at the Kloser Portraits Photography Studio. Edited by Miho Wada and Yanni Migias.


YOUTUBE – Full HD Available.

Miho Wada–Clock Hop [2013]

Performed by:

Miho Wada (flute & sax)
Pascal Roggen (violin)
James Donaldson (cello)
Andrew Rudolph (guitar)
Leo Corso (bass)
Jared Desvaux de Marigny (drums)

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of the content owner.

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