Miho’s MJO @ Hamilton Fringe Music Fest 2012-10-06

Mihowada - Wanderland - final-cover-446x400

Miho’s Jazz Orchestra at the Hamilton Fringe Music Festival 2012-10-06

Two shows and it was a lot of fun, and the Hamilton audiences
were really kool, and joined in and stuff.. much funz was the hadz indeed 🙂

To those of you who came.. awesome, and thanks very much 🙂


Next show:

Sunday 14th Oct @ 3pm
Thirsty Dog’s Tavern
469 K’Road, Auckland
Entry by Koha (donation) Kids free!!!

Come along, it will be most awesome 🙂


Here are some videos from the two shows in Hamilton.


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Miho on the road to the festival gig
Miho & MJO–Welcome
Miho & MJO–Band Members
Miho & MJO–Waltz


Performed by:

Miho Wada (flute & sax)
Pascal Roggen (violin)
James Donaldson (cello)
Andrew Rudolph (guitar)
Leo Corso (bass)
Jared Desvaux de Marigny (drums)

Visit: www.mihowada.com
for more information, CD’s and Merch.

All material copyright: Miho Wada
Video/Audio & other content used
by request from and with permission
of the content owner.
Not for stock or unlicensed use.

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Video by: Yanni
My Blog at: http://www.uneasypills.com
My Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Z3bra

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