Taste Of Japan 2010 – Auckland, New Zealand


This was actually for Saturday the 25th of Oct 2010.

The Japanese Society of Auckland, NZ, had their first “Taste of Japan” day, and it was wicked good 🙂


All that fun, entertainment and food food food.. woohoo 🙂


Here is some stuff from that day.. Fairly random…



The opening was by the Haere Mai Taiko Drumming Group <— Follow link to their Facebook page.



There was an opening event, with some amazing KOTO playing…






Even more amazing KOTO playing…






Traditional Japanese Dance





And… the Random Picture Selection in no real order 🙂




2010_09_25_IMG_0017 2010_09_25_IMG_0020 2010_09_25_IMG_0037 2010_09_25_IMG_0040 2010_09_25_IMG_0051 2010_09_25_IMG_0104 2010_09_25_IMG_0105 2010_09_25_IMG_0110 2010_09_25_IMG_0111 2010_09_25_IMG_0113 2010_09_25_IMG_0115 2010_09_25_IMG_0116 2010_09_25_IMG_0117 2010_09_25_IMG_0118 2010_09_25_IMG_0119 2010_09_25_IMG_0120 2010_09_25_IMG_0121 2010_09_25_IMG_0122 2010_09_25_IMG_0123 2010_09_25_IMG_0124 2010_09_25_IMG_0125 2010_09_25_IMG_0127 2010_09_25_IMG_0129

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