My Banana and Cheese Recipe

As recited to Jeerawan, —>>

Visit her Youtube chan, she rocks 🙂


‎1) make your fav toast the usual way.
2) lightly butter the toast
3) get a banana, peal it, and squish it with a fork till its all mashy.
4) spoon (or fork) ample amounts onto said toast
5) add cheese, i prefer slices, but grated is ok.
6) place under grill (in oven on grill setting) till cheese melts
7) EAT.. but be careful, cheese may be hot.
Cheese wise, I prefer tasty type.. sweetness of the banana and the tasty cheese is nice…
Warning: Eating too much Banana and cheese has a minor, but rather interesting side effect… much like that of a laxative. 🙂

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