Defining Normality…

So here’s the thing.


If, you live most of your life  (from the earliest you can recall, to the current day), believing that as you have lived, is your normality, and within the scope of the socially accepted, you are seen as normal, … then all is good.

What if, one day you start a course of medication, lets say, anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication, and lets say, these change who you are to a degree, they change your outlook, your personality, your interests, habits, hobbies, style… because, they do.

Then, take that “new” person, and the vague reflections of the older original one, and tell me, which one was actually the normal, was it the one you started with, who possibly might have just been living with issues and accepted that at blind faith level, to be normal, or the one you have now become, who sees the older one and wonders who that was ?

Define, normality, or even, your own existence.


I’d like to hear.



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  1. PapaBear on

    I’m normal – it’s the rest of the world that’s gone mad!


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