Rangitoto Island Adventures

All photos taken on a Leica C-Lux 3 camera – Click on the image to get a better quality view.

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Hurru Whomans 🙂

Here are some photos and notes from my visit to Rangitoto Island this morning…

It was hard taking photos as i did the tour, so was moving most of the time, so sorry in advance if some of them are somewhat… blah 🙂

Waiting for the Ferry…….. and the Ferry at the Island….

 L1010977 L1010978

Us getting off said Ferry and walking to the Island Tour Buss

 L1010979 L1010980

Some Volcanic Plants and a Historic “Kiwi Batch” Crib…

L1010981 L1010983

Some more Volcanic Rockage and a view from the stairs up to the sumitt

L1010984 L1010985

More Viewage and Stairs….

L1010986 L1010987

More Stairs… Oh god.. the stairs… and some traps to catch bad animals

L1010988 L1010989

Finally.. The Summitt… YAY .. and not that you can see it really well, but.. what once was an active volcanio, now in retirement and full of trees…

L1010990 L1010992

More stairs… will they ever end ??????     and an old army lookout point from WW2

L1010994 L1020001

More lookout stuff and a Geographic Survay Point….

L1020002 L1020003

More lookout stuff and rocks…

L1020005 L1020006

The entire island is just volcanic rock… we explored rock… rockage… yeah.. rocks… woohoo

L1020007 L1020008

Yes, they are … ROCKS…. and some trees, and a lighthouse… now, this lighthouse was built in 1872, and it’s still standing.. impressive much.

L1020009 L1020010

The lighthouse again.. and back on the Ferry heading home…

L1020012 L1020016

Ferry and water

L1020018 L1020019

Close up of my cup of tea 🙂



There endith the story of my adventures to Rangitoto Island 🙂

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