Road Trip – Day 4 – Hamilton Gardens

All photos taken on a Leica C-Lux 3 camera – Click on the image to get a better quality view.

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Yeppie!! Day 4, the last day, I decided to spend a few hours in Hamilton, the next biggest city outside of Auckland, about 1.5 hours drive.

Hamilton has beautiful gardens.. so I took some pictures and post them here.. they are self explanatory with the little signs on them at the beginning to tell you what your about to look at.

There is a lot, so, this may take a while to load. 🙂



L1010810 L1010808

 L1010813    L1010814L1010815L1010817

L1010821  L1010822 L1010823L1010825  L1010826   L1010824


 L1010831 L1010832 L1010833




      L1010839L1010842L1010848 L1010841L1010843 L1010844

 L1010849 L1010850 L1010851






 L1010858 L1010870L1010859 L1010860 L1010861  L1010864 L1010868 

 L1010873 L1010874 L1010875 L1010876 L1010877  L1010879 L1010881



Finally, I left Hamilton and started the drive back to Auckland….

One of the many things I love about New Zealand…..

The awesome rolling green fields in the country.



Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed my world for a while 🙂

Feel free to come visit…. 🙂


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