Road Trip – Day 3 – Wellington to Hamilton

All photos taken on a Leica C-Lux 3 camera – Click on the image to get a better quality view.

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Hello again humans… this is the third leg of my randomly pointless but yet great waste of fuel and time trip around the North Island of New Zealand..



I left Wellington nice and early, and ended up here as my first stop…

First stop: LEVIN (as in, “That’s it, I’ve had enough, I’m LEAVIN” ) lol



Not a lot going on here… 

There is a clock tower… OOOhhhhhh L1010670

… and some road…. yeah…



Next Stop: FOXTON


There is a plaque about the main street, and then, there is also the main street..



Some old stone steps, which were slightly more challenging to climb then I thought…..



Another Water Tower… retired…


And.. an actual working Windmill.. of which was built in 2003 and is currently used to mill wheat 🙂



Just before the next stop, is New Zealand’s OHAKEA Royal Air Force Base (see picture below). If I’m not mistaken, our Air Force consists of about’… nothing. Fairly much.



Next Stop: BULLS

Indeed, this is where milk comes from.. yes, milk comes from bulls.. not cows..*grin* …

Follow this link to Wikipedia about Bulls 🙂

 Follow this link for proof that Milk really does come from BULLS… Oh my goodness….

Noteworthy note: I even found a random book from the late 1800’s (1895 or something) so I bought it cause I know someone over seas who might like it 🙂 YAY


Bulls is where I stopped to have Lunch, buy a book from 1887 or something, and then leave.


There is even a Dutch shop in Bulls…I bought me some horrible sweets that tasted like salt.



Not overly intersting.. but: Follow this link for their very own place in the internet


I saw this old building, carefully restored, looking rather posh, so I had to stop and take a picture.



Oh look, another water tower… or is it bell tower….after a while, they all look the same…



A very nice looking Art Gallery building..



Another monumint dedicated to something, in the middle of the main stree



A weird Bell Sculpture thing…



and finally… me getting the hell outa Wanganui…



Next Stop: PATEA


Not a lot going on in Patea, but I did take a bunch of photos of an old closed down Meat Works, which I’m told by a local, closed in 1983.

L1010744 L1010718 L1010719 L1010720 L1010721 L1010722 L1010723 L1010724 L1010725 L1010726 L1010727 L1010728 L1010729 L1010730 L1010731 L1010732 L1010733 L1010734 L1010735 L1010736  L1010738 L1010739 L1010740 L1010741 L1010742 L1010743

Next Stop: HAWERA



Yes, you guessed it, another Water Tower….

 L1010750 L1010751

Next Stop: MANIA


Where apparently, they make bread… who would have guessed ??

L1010753 L1010758

At least their Post Office was nicely restored and painted….


another monument thing….



This building I thought was very kool indeed, it reads right at the very top, Established 1875.

That is an OLD building.


and the origional Post office, from 1883 to 1993, 100 Years old, then retired.




Next Stop: OPUNAKE & Areas


A rather big hill with snow….



I drove into the National Park, but there wasn’t much to see other then trees.



And an old barn, that is falling appart, if you look at the left/bottom there’s an old car parked in the old barn… I assume, the car is also falling appart….




Next Stop: OAKURA



Fairly much, just some beach… a place for dead people to hang out and chill, and some animals…

 L1010778 L1010779 L1010780 L1010782  L1010786  L1010785





This is where I stopped and had dinner, Fish and Chips… and watched the sun set in the west, as New Plymouth is fairly much the west most point.


There is a smoke-stack tower thing..


the same smock-stack hiding behind a rock…


and.. the sun setting in the west (as it does here in New Zealand)…

Three Sunsets for NerdJanet 🙂









That is it really …. after the sun went down, I did the long drive from New Plymouth up to Hamilton, where I stayed the night with friends, from Hamilton i will venture back to Auckland, about 1.5 hours drive , on the 31-10-09. 

Here’s a few pictures of me driving at night heading to Hamilton.


Boy.. it’s dark……


Good thing the GPS knows where it’s going (most of the time)….


Yep… it’s still dark….


Oh, look how slow I’m going.. hehehe.. anyways….


That’s it for Day 3.


Stay safe.

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