It's getting cold, but the rain has stopped

and so another weekend passes us by. Not much happened, some shopping, some driving around trying to find things to do, even went to one of the Malls twice… I mean, twice.. how sad is that? lol.

Oh well, these are the cards we are delt in life.

One thing I will say, this mobile broadband thing I have isn’t as bad as I thought it was. I messed around for ages trying to find a good spot for it, and with the aid of a few 5m USB cables and a powered Hub, it’s working OK.

Hanging out for my ADSL connection though, a few more weeks away let. Then … well.. not much will change, I’ll be able to surf the net a little better (and a lot cheaper).

Mobile Broadband $90.00 for 3 Gigs.



New Zealand sucks for Internet pricing and stuff.

We are at the mercy of the big telco’s who don’t give a moneys left nut.


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