Elvis died on the toilet ?

I never knew, mind you, I never wanted too either.

Honestly, I was reading the news paper, and it said… Elvis passed away while on the toilet.

Oddly, I was humming one of his tunes, “Suspicious Minds”, nice song actually, quite like it.. then as I was humming away to myself , I read the article about how he died, hear attack, on the toilet, and instantly the words in my mind took a turn…..

“I’m having a crap…….

it wont come out…..

maybe i’ll try pushing a little harder..errrrerrrr….

Why cant this be…

why’s this happening to me……..

a heart attack, on the lavatory…..


I cant go on like this…..

pushing to hard…………….

I might have been happier…


Well, anyway, you get the idea.

Sorry if it offended anyone, and well.. too bad if it did.

My thoughts 🙂

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