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BBC News: Driving test: Learners must be able to use sat navs

Driving test: Learners must be able to use sat navs –

OK this I find truly amusing… driving tests now to include using a Nav… 

All I can possibly put this down to is a new generation of people who, can’t read a map, can’t read, have no sense , enjoy being told what to do ( sounds like government control ) without the need for thinking. .. or obviously people who just have not ever played a decent game of DnD.

Lunch time. 🙂 

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*Points to the window like a great explorer*… RIGHT! I’m off out to explore this winter wonderland of twisted little city we call Auckland…*stomps around a little bit*.. heheh.. Wonder what I’ll see, Or Who I might run into…. *sighs* anyone want to do lunch with a z3bra ? 🙂

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