Lockdown begins and 1 image.

On Wednesday night at Midnight, 2020-03-25, The New Zealand Government will place this little green country into lockdown, level 4, as they call it… see this link: Covid-19 NZ 

This is, mostly because, some fine upstanding people decided they didn’t give a fuck, and would just go do what the want….

But also, because our government didn’t give a fuck, and failed to enforce what they tried to put in place weeks ago at airports and stuff… mostly what people ignored.


So, for the next 4 weeks, we need to stay at home, only go to supermarkets etc as needed, avoid people, isolate, and hopefully not see it as the end.

Some of us might not be so lucky. Reach out.

As for me… I’m still waiting to hear if the field I work in is classed as an essential service… It kinda is.. I hope it is, cause 4-6 weeks (or likely longer) of no pay with the uncertainty of a job or not at the end of this…  isn’t going to end well.

One thing I know, now, living alone… is going to suck something really bad.

Let’s see how things pan out, if at all.

yeah. here’s one last thing…

Thank you to this beautiful tender soul for being my Muse, strength and guiding light when the darkness befalls me.

There is a girl,
who stands in a tree,

Hiding her soul,
so we can not see.

Cracks and trembles,
shakes and cries,

Screaming for justice,
in a world full of lies
As she whispers to me….
“I just want to be free”

I Once Knew A Girl,
who stood in a tree
Who took on the world,
And now she’s free.

Tree: Model: www.minh-ly.com


Auckland – New Zealand

Model: www.minh-ly.com

My Friend, My Muse, My Light in dark times.

Email or DM now to book
a shoot for 2020.

IG: asylumimages
W: http://www.asylumimages.com
W: modelmayhem.com/2996604
V: https://vero.co/asylumimages

Thanks for being awesome

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