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You raise a very valid and point in the online/internet social network addiction. These last 5 to 10 years has seen the internet’s social status raise very rapidly and the generation of people from mid-Tweens on have grown up with it, not really understanding the world before the internet, as you said, though it is a very powerful and convenient way to keep in touch with friends, it also stops us from exploring the real-world that exists right outside our front door. What I have seen happen to some friends, is that they became so overly obsessed with the internet and "life" on the internet, that they started losing their actual real-world social interaction skills. Living in a delusional reality of what THEY believed others were like.

The core reality of it is, that people ARE DIFFERENT in real life to what they are on the Internet. That, sadly, is a fact. We all do it, heck, even I do it to varying degrees (I pretend I’m always happy and that life is great) šŸ™‚

Late in 2009, I learnt how that internet world can come crashing down around me, and that was a big lesson. Now, I make a point of limiting my time on the net, and limiting my social interaction there also.

Understanding that the internet is nothing more than artificial entertainment when its raining outside.

I admit, I have made some good friends, and even flown across the world to visit them (which was awesome), and I’m doing it again this year… but that’s how it should be… actually getting outside, saying HI to REAL PEOPLE, not just internet persona’s.

Remember, this will become worse as the new generation of Tweens / Teens comes along, as they will never have known a world without Internet / Cellphones / Playstation or Xbox or MMORPGs.

I really am sad to think what the world will be like in another 20 or 40 years.

Will we need machines to do everything for us ?

Who’s to know. I just hope, we can adopt the internet and its social-networking ability into our life’s in a balanced and controlled manner.

Here’s a music video from a long long time ago…

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