Japan Music Night – Kings Arms Tavern

HI Happy Humanies 🙂


Tonight was the first (and I hope not the last) of the Japan Music Night at the Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland, listing a number of Japanese bands.

I got there for the last three, of which they were great.

Miho Wada and band were playing, and I can’t help but be impressed with these guys (and girl) 🙂
They just rock!

Visit the website, and buy a CD, support local: www.mihowada.com

Cheers 🙂


Pics El Randomo – Sorry for the poor quality of these, the venue lighting was darker then normal and I had to push the ISO up, so its a little blurry and grainy


The Venue – Kings Arms Tavern



A Band…


A band_2010_06_23_IMG_3683 A Band_2010_06_23_IMG_3686


Miho Wada and Band ( www.mihowada.com )


Miho Wada Band_2010_06_23_IMG_3695 Miho Wada_Band_Kings Arms Tavern_2010_06_23_IMG_3698 Miho Wada_Band_Kings Arms Tavern_2010_06_23_IMG_3701

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