12 things you should know about …..

1) If it’s green, its not real

2) If it’s real, likely, it’s not green

3) Somehow, if by chance you see it, and its green…. read above

4) No one truly knows why it’s green

5) When it’s not green, no one truly knows why

6) communitychannel

7) ummmm


i runned out of pointless things to say…. heh. im soooo luffly 🙂


yesh.. yesh I am.. you know I am… aww so luffly 🙂

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  1. buddy on

    12 things you should know PART 2

    8. if’s it’s white it’s not real :=)
    9. if it’s white, then it’s probably something tasty
    10. if it’s white.. then you probably want to try it 😛
    11. if it’s white, then mmmmmmmmm
    12. ok it’s white.. i admit i like it :=)


  2. Inmate on

    I’m worried..




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