Bluetooth and Wifi problems… YES!

Often asked, does Bluetooth and Wifi cause problems for eachother ?

Both Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi A/P’s use the same 2.4 hz range, the worst being bluetooth as it channel hops all over the place within that frequency range. Wifi is fairly good, but where you have both devices types running, the bluetooth will cause problems with your wifi. My example is as follows:

I have a laptop using Wifi for my network/internet connection.

I have a bluetooth dongle for my mouse and stereo headset.

If i unplug the bluetooth, the wifi bursts back into amazing life, if i plug the BT back in again.. it all grinds to a hault.

My partner can be a few meters away from me on their laptop using wifi, and my bluetooth will cause problems for them also.

The strength of your Wifi plays an important part in this also, as the new G format is a lot better then a/b in dealing with it, but.. if your signal strength sits below about 40%, it will start to fail.


Don’t use bluetooth, or get a really really good Wifi unit 🙂

I know, it sucks, but it’s all over the internet about proven problems with these two. Keep in mind, that Microwaves and most modern wireless phones cause problems also, as they all run within the 2.4 spectrum.

There you go.


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