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BBC News: Payout of $10,000 for Windows 10 update

Payout of $10,000 for Windows 10 update –

This is fantastic news.. more people need to be brave and take big corporations to task over their mostly highly dodgy activities like this lady did with Microsoft. 

Great stuff.

What is Bill Gates and Monsanto up to ?


So ok, this might be digging around a bit and seeing a bit too much into nothing… or….

make your own decisions..


Today I was watching a Bill Gates interview about his relationship with Steve Jobs, and in that interview there was a tiny segment about Gates Fund that funds developments and what not, and it was mentioned that his company gave something around the $24million dollar mark as an investment to Monsanto to help fund its GMO projects… like.. WTF ?


Watch from 1:20 onwards till about 3:05 – and he looks a bit uncomfortable when being questioned…..


then.. there’s this..




.. and.. you MUST watch this … especially at: 0:20s .. you so have to listen carefully to what he says in that little segment.. I won’t spoil it for you.. you’ll have to listen for the next 10 seconds and hear it for yourself.



and.. some light reading…


Absolute proof that Windows 10 will be shit 🙂

PS i’m running it on my Mac… and.. yeah.. windows 10… should have stuck with Win7 🙂



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Microsoft’s Vision of the Future (Parody) Youtube

Found this humorous video on youtube at 6am this morning…

Yep this is what I do when I wake up too early Smile

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