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Oh music, where are you ?–Hatsune Miku



With the modernisation of musical methods, esp. synthesis, there is boundless paths for music to take.

Taking a look at the popular Hatsune Miku in Japan, a fully CG performer with vocal synthesis by Yamaha, and live-concert musicians, it doesn’t surprise me that things are heading in this direction. Just think, an artist that wont have tantrums, doesn’t want to get paid and can never be stalked Smile  And costume changes in split seconds.. OMG Smile LOL

Well, not personally my thing, but it obviously works, and is popular in Japan ( and no doubt globally soon ), and I have to admit, great legs Smile


What do you think? where is music heading in the next 10 or even 5 years ?

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What is the Hatsuni Miku movement?


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