EOS 7D – Canon make a monster camera

Yes, Canon (my fav camera maker) have made another monster professional camera.

The EOS 7D.

It’s Insane.

LINK: Follow link for Canon EOS 7D Info


*sigh* …. I want one….


*runs outside and buys one*




I GoT one NOW 🙂

I got it with a 18-200 Lens.

Sex on a Tripod 🙂



Now, just have to learn to use it 🙂

2 comments so far

  1. Janerd on

    u got the 7D?
    how effin expensive?


  2. Inmate on

    $4480.00 NZ Dollars.
    EOS 7D with the EFS 18-200 Lens.

    very effin expensive.
    But really, it takes FANTASTIC pictures.. it’s just a shame the operator can’t hold the bloody thing steady 🙂

    Miss you too 🙂


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