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Music at different levels of HELL YEAH … ?

From around the planet… or sorta.. Smile






Maa Vue–Nyob Ua Ke–Offical Music Video




Hello my dear people..

My dear friend Maa Vue has released her first official music video… YAY!!

It’s for her touching song: Nyob Ua Ke.

Please visit her youtube chan and click like to show your support for this very talented lady.

Maa Vue–Nyob Ua Ke–Offical Music Video


Maa will be having her debut at the Fresno Hmong International Year Fest.

Keep an eye on her facebook page for more info.

Smile Please show your support, and visit her on the links below. Smile

Official Youtube Chan

Official Facebook Page

Maa Vue - ad


Here is my most fav of all time , Tsab Ntawv

Maa Vue – Tsab Ntawv

Music–Greek and it hurts…

And now for something Greek.. I don’t really know why.. but anyways..

SO I keep an open mind and ear, and Though I might not personally like any of this, mostly because I don’t understand any of it… it’s something. lol, never mind Smile



Σταμάτης Γονίδης ft. Knock Out – Έχεις θέματα

Σταμάτης Γονίδης ft. Knock Out – Έχεις θέματα


Δεν ταιριάζετε σου λέω – Παντελής Παντελίδης

Δεν ταιριάζετε σου λέω – Παντελής Παντελίδης


Γιώργος Τσαλίκης – Κοίταξε με φεύγω | Giorgos Tsalikis


Giorgos Sampanis – San To Fyllo Ston Aera

Giorgos Sampanis – San To Fyllo Ston Aera


Φανή Αβραμίδου – Αρρωστημένα σε θέλω

Φανή Αβραμίδου – Αρρωστημένα σε θέλω



Warkworth RSA and fun

HI there folks..

last night I went up to the Warkworth RSA to watch a good mate at a gig.

It was a hoot, the place is really nice, people are lovely, and generally a fun environment.

Click here for their website…

Here’s a little compilation video of the goings-ons up there. Smile


On the Warkworth RSA Newsletter..


Warkworth RSA
Great Place,
Great People,
Good food,
Fun Entertainment :)

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Not for stock or unlicensed use.

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    When Gods die – Keiko Fuji aka Utada Junko


    Keiko Fuji, a famous Enka singer from Japan passed away in August.  A great loss to the music world, as she was an amazing singer/artist.

    She is also the mother of Utada Hikaru.


    Here are some links to info.

    Miho Wada’s MJO Trio @ De Fontein

    HI there lovelies Smile

    miho and flute

    Here’s a video from Miho’s MJO Trio , playing at De Fontein.

    Check out Miho’s official website below for gig dates Smile



    Miho Wada’s official website:


    Weekly Radio show:

    Every Tuesday at 2pm on Radio Ponsonby
    MihoZilla Attack!


    Performed by:

    Miho Wada (flute & sax)
    Pascal Roggen (violin)
    Andrew Rudolph (guitar)

    for more information, CD’s and Merch.


    All material copyright: Miho Wada
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    by request from and with permission
    of the content owner.

    Not for stock or unlicensed use.

    Video by: Yanni
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