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TED: Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet

An interesting and thought provoking interview by TED with Ed, via webcam..

Worth a watch and listen to some of the points raised and a cameo by the father of the internet.. Smile

TED: Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet


Although TED sucks cause it gives in to corporate pressures to NOT screen some speeches about GMO, recently a good example, when TED caved into Monsanto, they still occasionally have something worth watching.

… or is it ? Smile with tongue out

you decide.


On the other hand…


Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden’s TED Talk


Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden’s TED Talk

Hawaii 2013 – day 2 – jens birthday


Yea yeo, good morning.. today there’s an 80 percent chance of rain… uumm sure sure but hey.. it might do.

Passing through the lobby of my hotel I notice this couple. .
I guess some people can sleep anywhere..even at a sunny beach .. lol

And as I walk outside.. lol.. it rains :p

Going to jens all day today for her birthday today.

Jenivie loves pineapples and celebration of that.. there’s a picture of a dole pineapple truck.

I’ll be adventuring around on the following two days.

Expecting to go to temple village including temples and some other spots.. will see what the weather gods allow.

Did some quick cloths shopping.. bought some v neck shirts like $15.00 100pct cotton.. serious.. good quality.. can’t get them for twice the price back
home.. :)

Music recommended by friends

Chattin to my friends on Skype from around the planet, ok well mostly the usa.. lol, here’s what they like listening too.

What music do you like ?? Log in, post a reply, love to hear from everyone Smile


Cait says:


Rachel says:


Brent says:



Jenivie says:


Savannah says:


Mr Wicked says:



What music do you like ?? Log in, post a reply, love to hear from everyone Smile

Music–NZ and OZ






Hobbiton–LOTR and The Hobbit–Village



The 22nd of June 2103 was an odd day for me, woke up, it’ was the 22nd, I had lunch, my lunch table number was 22, and the price of lunch was $22.00 and at 44, I’m exactly 22 years younger than a 22 yrold ? LOL needless to say, I bought a Lottery ticket.


Anyhoo… I was bored and went on an Adventure… and some how ended up at Hobbiton!! A place I swore I’d never go.. I mean, ok not a LOTR fan.. but I liked the movie, least the parts I didn’t fall asleep in.. .. sooo…

Last year, they released The Hobbit, part 1, and the Movie Set was officially opened as an attraction…

It’s in a backwards town called Matamata, and I recommend you all go visit it at least once in your life, just to say you’ve been there, seen that, didn’t get hairy feet, and bought the tee-shirt.

The tour is… EXPENSIVE… NZD$75.00… OUCHIES.. but meh… I had nothing else planned anyways.

It’s run by LoTR Tours (nz), from what I understand, a company shared by the movie company, Peter Jackson and the farm owners in the area.

The tour takes you into the set, a walk around, a peek inside, and the pub.

The tour site is here:





The village….


Bilbos place .. ?

2013_06_22_IMG_75942013-06-22 16.31.27

Inside Bilbo’s place.. Muhahahaha it’s movie magic Smile

2013-06-22 16.36.492013_06_22_IMG_76002013_06_22_IMG_7614


View of the Green Dragon


Sleepy… good night Smile

2013-06-22 17.30.44

Stephen Fry and whatnots




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