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TED: Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm


I’m not even going to try and explain it.

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Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm

Angry mob attacks Ebola treatment centre

When you read article like the one attached here.. it does (or at least should) make you stop and think about what might be going on in some countries where Big Pharmaceutical knows they can target people to increase their sales.  The idea of Big Pharmaceuticals and various agencies and governments allowing this sort of thing to take place is not new.. In fact it’s been happening for decades..

If you do some research of your own you will soon find numerous very suspicious activities taking place .. dodgy backroom deals with government agencies and Big Pharmaceutical companies .. nothing different to how most things in so call modern democratic economies operate. 

Decide for yourself.

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Users virtually immortal on social media

So here is a very in depth and a little drawn out article about cyber life and the reality of death.. what happens to your online life when you finally kick the bucket and start pushing up daisies while sowing the seeds of life under a tree ? 

I have a friend who’s in that state now.. gone a few years but still here .. and I’m ok with it.. to a degree. Reminds me of how good a guy he was.. and reminds me of how much I miss his madness too.

Yea anyway. . Have a read. .have a think.. start a discussion here on my blog and let’s hear what you think.

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TED: Ed Yong: Suicidal wasps, zombie roaches and other parasite tales


This is a fascinating talk from a very entertaining researcher …. I’m really not going to give anything away, you so have to watch this.. it’s only 13 minutes, but it is really interesting, very funny, quite eye-opening and educational…

well… off you go then… Smile


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Ed Yong: Suicidal wasps, zombie roaches and other parasite tales

From Bump to Buzz ? Kewl!! :)


OMG so cute…


From Bump to Buzz


This is one of the nicest “preggy” type videos i’ve seen in ages. So chuffed. Smile

Insane Stupidity or Bravery ?

Mustang Wanted Compilation


I have no words…..


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