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Spooks on the rise

Interesting article in the local news about paranormal investigators. This has been a passing interest for me when I was much younger.. and.nowdays I’m oddly drawn to finding out more about it.  Shall just have to see what happens :)   

Ps. I’m having a wonderful breakfast .. hope you are too :)

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Japan Day 2014

HI there, well this is a few weeks late, but hey Smile

Here is a video complication of some of the events and happenings at Japan Day, in Auckland, New Zealand.


Japan Day 2014–Auckland, New Zealand




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How far…

can a man be pushed?

Be bound by his history,

his own individual reality,

leaning towards an epic revelation

of whom he will not be, again.


For the change is upon him, us, all that dwell within these dark pages…
bound by tattooed covers of encapsulation. 


A book, is not a man.

But a man, becomes his own unfinished story – in the end.




Epicness of creation, Mr Kevin Hartly.

Actor, Creator, and not too bad in the kitchen either…



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GROUP–Series 1–ALL EPISODES in one very lovely place :)

GROUP The Web Series


For those of you that missed out on earlier episodes of GROUP, here they all are in one very lovely place Smile

Kama Productions

Group @ IMDB


Please enjoy.




Kama Productions

Group @ IMDB



GROUP the web series s01e11 – FEAR

GROUP The Web Series

OMG… did you hear that… *looks around*….

OMG NO! *screams and runs for cover*

mommy….. that creepy person scares me…. Sad smile


Smile with tongue out

GROUP the web series s01e11 – FEAR





Babies, The Future, and Population Statistics

An interesting couple of documentaries by the bbc about the changing population of the world with two extreme examples, the massive population decline in Japan and the massive increase in the Philippines. Two different countries at the two different ends of the economic boom.

Statistics trending both ways, as Japan declines and the older generation are too many for the working generation to support (much like what’s happening in NZ) and in the Philippines where it’s the other way around.

Watching the documentary, you can see, that what happened with the boomers in Japan and how its effected the country, will happen to the Philippines or any growing economy. India and China no doubt will be no different.

The third documentary is the statistic one, really interesting to see the world as a whole population wise.


no sex please, we’re Japanese, BBC documentary


The Definitions of Lower, Middle, and Upper Class–BBC Documentary





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