Music: DAOKO and more



Breathe in.

New Sounds.




Le Trio Joubran 



Amr Diab















Music: Sweater Weather – Christina Gatti & Scott Bradlee


AH… AHHHH… Christina Gatti! <3

A little Luntime Music at Lunchtime .. well.. at least, here in NZ :)





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Music: LunchMoney Lewis – Bills


Here’s a cute little number from a newcomer…. :)

Great track to start my morning too :) lol :P

PS. it’s not explicit. stupid youtube.






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Ray Kurzweil – inventor and nutjob

I’ve always held a respect for Ray Kurzweil… within the music scene.. His inventions were always welcome and fresh…  

Now though. . I wonder why he’s teaming up with the likes of Google … other than the obvious fascination he has with AI and the like…

He’s being mentioned around the place more and more these days..   Wonder if he’s sold out and given in to the dark side of the Internet lol :)

Basically .. breakfast wasn’t interesting this morning ….

Hard times indeed :p

China Food Journey – A Very worthwhile documentry – worth watching


This is a very interesting and very watchable documentary about Food and China, not just food, but politics within food, and how the land is being raped for the rich.  Totally worth watching.. 


I don’t know who made this Doco, but it’s outstanding.


Kiwis unhappy about Customs computer search plan

They just want more and more …. so exactly how much longer are we as a people going to keep putting up.with this bullshit?


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