The Most Radioactive Places on Earth – Veritasium


This is a interesting video by Veritasium about radiation.

Worth a watch… and I do mean, watch all of it.. it won’t make sense if you don’t :)



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Pirate Bay has ‘no soul’ says co-founder

R.I.P freedom.

Beijing bans indoor smoking

What a great move by Beijing.
It’s about time more cities adopted this type of policy and start leading the way for their respective countries or fellow cities to do the same.

We’ve had this law in New Zealand for quite some years already and it’s fantastic and from what I can see it doesn’t really bother people …

I remember going out for dinner and people at the next table smoking … yuck.. lol.. but now it’s just normal to be in a smoke free environment. 

I’m not bothered either way if people want to smoke or not, it’s their choice, but defiantly public spaces should be smoke free.

Now if only China could get its shit together about all the other things that’s wrong with the place lol… baby steps.. baby steps..

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Violent attack leaves 1 dead, one wounded



In what was undeniably a vicious attack, leaving one dead and one seriously injured the investigation continues in the hunt for the suspected perpetrator. 

Although no crumbs have been found as yet, the investigators are not giving up hope.

Trying to catch this person is of the utmost importance.









Chocolate fish 1




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Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair – Avi Kaplan & Peter Hollens






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Watch “Will Marshall: Tiny satellites that photograph th…” on YouTube

Will Marshall: Tiny satellites that photograph th…:

This is so cool..  surprised it took this long to happen.. but then again…

Ps  if you’re thinking along the same lines as I am… then we already know the future.


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