Risks in resurrecting ancient viruses from poo


I wonder if Big Pharmaceutical is looking for more ways to generate income again…. oh you know.. not saying they’d never done that in the past… lol but who knows…

Still.. A poo virus ? Makes ya wonder. 


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Capsule and variances of a theme


I’ve followed the Japanese Music duo Capsule for a while, and really enjoy their music, especially on long drives… 

so here I am sharing a few of my favorate tracks of theirs for you :)


Capsule was founded in 1997 by Writer/Musician Nakata Yasutaka and Singer Koshijima Toshiko… Offically launched around 2001. Nakata is involved in some of Japans leading pop groups like Perfume and artists such as MEG and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu…. 


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Scientists Say Smelling Farts Prevents Cancer



Finally… finally!!!!! We no longer have to hide what being a real bloke means… finally we can he out heads low (or high) and breath in the heady aroma of
a life saving good old fashioned hand crafted STINKER!! 

Now I truly feel alive again. :)  
Thank you science :)

Scientists study awareness after death


So here’s an interesting article. ..
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Mini Weekend Adventure – Up North




Went on a little adventure this weekend gone.

I was bored, so drove up north, also known as the Far North, 

to 90 Mile Beach (which isn’t 90 miles long) and right to the very tippy top

of New Zealand, a place Cape Reinga .


Was a lot of fun..


Here’s a video :)


PS, please forgive the poor quality, it was all filmed on my Samsung Note 3, handheld and in a cradle so it’s really shaky…  also been learning Final Cut Pro X on the mac, so forgive the terrible editing :)



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Conceptual Computing Conceptions…



I have , for the last million or so years been a hardened PC user, you  know, from the good old days of msdos 5 something, with Quem and and what not, through to drdos, os/2(warp), linux, and most all of windows from 3.1 onwards… 

So I went and got a mac.

Goodbye windows.

As much as I really do like Windows 7, i’ve used 8 quite a bit, and microsoft have really lost the plot. they took what was a essentially a stable and usable UI and turned  it into an abomination…trying to meld their mobile and touch devices with the same look/feel as real lc’s.. it just doesn’t work.

For me at least, the mac is proving to be good for photography…. there are some issues… adobe sucks balls with their stupid pricing for Lightroom.. there’s no decent video editing software that works like Sony Vegas, as I love that layout and workflow…. i’m sure there’s more, but i have to remind myself, this is a different platform it works differently and not to expect it to be like windows.

However.. I feel Paralles coming on soon with a windows install for my video editing :)


What are your thoughts ??

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